Heavyside article, further objective discussion (hopefully)

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The article published by allaboutcircuits describes some of the accomplishments of Oliver Heaviside.
I am only self-taught and not a qualified expert in Math and Physics. Don't ask me to explain I just wanted to leave space.
for those who are Qualified here. The recent article:

Oliver Heaviside: The Self-taught Pioneer of Electromagnetism and Vector Calculus - News (allaboutcircuits.com)

In some of the more conservative energy discussions that are usually banned because they get controversial. Most are
not objective or have misunderstood applications that came from Heaviside's physics and mathematics which is seldom taught.

Possibly of interest, Heaviside's use of mathematical expressions used in the era of Nikola Tesla might have been taken outside transmission line theory by use of analogy or misapplication in theories where boundary conditions are complex, and more power was needed to isolate and measure those entities.

It was allowing the public to view these demonstrations of these bizarre high voltage experiments and the envious stakeholders whose investments would be destroyed with advancement of new technology that may have led to so many conspiracies in days past

These Mathematical contributions requires difficult explanation even within well-educated mathematical community where strong moderation is key and wild speculation has been less than useful. One example I can think of is Thomas Bearden's paper on Heaviside that stirred quite a ruckus.

The royal society tradition carefully highlighted parts of Heaviside's work in a way undergraduates could benefit from. I think this can be helpful when done carefully however it is up to those endeavoring to comprehend it
to get a full grasp of the concepts and that would take much study and discipline.

On Heaviside's contributions to transmission line theory: waves, diffusion and energy flux | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences (royalsocietypublishing.org)

The most difficult question is how does the transmission of energy come about in nature?

Some say it was the sun. How did the sun come about and so on? This is not what Heaviside is trying to accomplish. He does not endeavor to compete with an almighty source. His thinking did not include the type of speculation that you might find from someone smoking pot!

Heaviside made an attempt to approach some of the more difficult energy expressions and they are unique and insightful into physical process of converting the mechanical process into electricity.