HDMI 2 decoder chip recommendations

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Apologies if this is the wrong section to ask this.

Need a way to interface an input HDMI2 signal to a DLP controller (for portable video projector).
This is the DLP controller chip: http://www.ti.com/product/DLPC6401

I need it to support input from the relatively new HDMI 2 standard.
The requirements are
1) Support of 1080p signal at 60Hz
2) Support of 1080p signal at 120Hz (this is why HDMI2 is needed)
3) Ability to downscale 1080p to native resolution (1280x800)
4) Support of old-school HDMI 1 3d decoding would be nice (side-by-side 60Hz to upscaled 120Hz) but not necessary

Any decoder chip recommendations?