Having a Problem with new Hameg HM 203-7 Oscilloscope

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So I recently got a Hameg HM 203-7 Oscilloscope and I'm trying to connect audio to it. The problem is that I don't get 2D output but rather 1D Output (yes I have X-Y mode enabled). I'm also only using one cable but is there a way to get 2D output even with just 1 cable?

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For what purpose do you plan to use the oscilloscope?

You do not use X-Y mode. This is for two cable inputs, X and Y.
You use Y-T mode for single cable input. The oscilloscope supplies the T signal internally.

If you have not used an oscilloscope before, search the web for introductions to using the oscilloscope.


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If you only have one input connected AND it set to X Y mode then the spot will be moved up and down in the vertical direction. (So will just see a vertical line.) The normal way to use an oscilloscope is to display the signal amplitude (Vertical direction.) and the time in the horizontal direction. The horizontal movement is controlled by the timebase and the scan rate is controlled by the time per division control. (THIS IS WITH THE X Y MODE NOT ENABLED.) As you have the X Y mode enabled but nothing connected to the input for the horizontal direction the spot does not move in the horizontal direction.