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1-While we are designing a circuit fed from the network in which we will use direct voltage, what should we use most effectively in the circuit to minimize or eliminate the harmonics drawn from the network without interfering with the system?
(The power factor corrector made sense)

2-What should we use most effectively to eliminate the harmonics drawn by our rectifier circuit operating at high power?
(Active filter made sense since the circuit already existed)

In the questions I ask, I need to use one of these smoothing inductor, harmonic trap filter, active filter, power coefficient corrector.
(Smoothing inductor: It prevents the current from being in the form of a pulse.
harmonic trap filter (series resonance l-c filter): It eliminates harmonics at set frequency values.
active filter, power factor corrector are almost the same circuits, connection types are different.)

I think this way, does it make sense?
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a 100 nf capacitor might ( but unlikely ) do it.

How about much more details, like a circuit of what you have ?


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As andrewmm suggests, your question leads to more questions than answers. If when mentioning the inductor, you were referring to an inductor input filter (instead of sending rectified DC straight into a capacitor) then you are on the right track but be aware that the phase shift between current and voltage may be an issue. The techniques you suggest should help. More details about the application might bring more suggestions.