Hardware in loop testing using Arduino

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I am currently working on controller designing of a quadcopter. I was planning to do it by developing plant (quadcopter model and environment) in simulink and uploading the designed controller in arduino. The simulink model will send set point and plant response to arduino, controller in arduino will send feedback signal and so forth the process will continue.
I tried to search wether is it possible or not, found out that speedgoat products are being used for HIL testing. But could not find anything related to it arduino.
I do know that MATLAB can be used as a compiler to upload code on arduino and some models are also available to use serial monitoring of arduino. But can I perform HIL testing using arduino or do I need to move to the speedgoat products?


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Looks cool but I’m not dropping $2,000 on that. The only guys who get to play with some of that are students or have that from work. Have you tried Simulink forum or their support?