Hacking my old car stereo to add bluetooth option? MeExpertNot..

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Manolis K

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Hello all,

So let's start:
- I want to add an input option to my old car stereo. I have schematics.
- I am not an expert, but I have some xp (arduino and the like) and patience.
- This "project" wants to happen for the fun of it. I could spend 30 euro and purchase a chinese "stereo" to achieve my goal.

0. Stereo Model: SONY CDX-L480X
1. I gutted it and I have removed the CD module, exposing the CD module connector (CNP301) to the main board (attachments A, B). While having done this, the TUNER part of the stereo works normally BUT the CD option when I press the MODE button is missing. It does not throw an error, it just is not there. So the main control chip, is trying to detect the CD module and cannot, so it does not even give an option for it.

2. The idea is that maybe I could trick it into thinking that the cd module is there and connect a bluetooth receiver (attachment C) in the place of the CD Left Out and CD Right Out... in connector CNP301 and then all would work perfectly and my phone would connect with the Bluetooth and consequently, I would be the greatest hacker of the world..!?

a. Is this gonna happen? Ever?
b. Would the signal levels of a bluetooth module like attachment C be compatible with the input requirements of the CNP301 (CD outs)? How could I know this?
c. Advice? How should I go about trying this? Straight forward connecting stuff? Should I check stuff out before connecting stuff? What could I check? Hopefully I am making sense here??

Thanks in advance!!