Green Part of Circuit Board Torn Off - Please Help

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i wasn't sure where to ask for help, so I apologize if it seems like a "newbie" question.
So I opened up my ultimate fx lightsaber to try and fix the screw mechanism inside. Some wires popped off from the battery, I didn't think much of it because I could just solder them.

However when I was about to solder them, I noticed that one of the wires completely tore off the green part of the motherboard, but it was still soldered on to the metal part.

What can I do? Please help.

Here are some images:

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It looks like you could solder the wire direct to either of the arrowed points on the board.
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Certainly soldering the wire to the remaining end should work fairly well. If there is a component connected to the other end you will need to use a piece of bare wire to join it to the connection. I have repaired quite a few damaged circuit boards that way, as well as making changes to the circuit arrangements.