SONY CRT KV-32XBR15 Black screen with Red Green and Blue Lines, Sound OK

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Hey everyone,

My SONY KV-32XBR15 is showing a black screen with a red, green and blue line going across the top (one line each colour). This happens on all inputs. On-screen display doesn't come on either but I know the TV reacts to volume/input changes since the sound works.

There is high voltage indicated by static on the screen, and there are three glowing lights where the tube meets the neck board. I am also noticing a slight but constant buzz from where the AC cable connects to the power supply, whenever it's plugged in.

This set has a monitor out connection and oddly enough when I plug this into another set I get video and audio on the other set, but still not video on the CRT, only the RGB lines at the top.

Does this indicate that the set can generate the picture fine but there's a problem getting it to the tube? Could an IC be dead?

I would appreciate any help or tips on this if possible. I'm including a service manual for the set, though it's a bit lacking.

Thank you!!