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    Nov 7, 2013
    Metric (I think) grease zerks on my NEV (golf cart) driving me crazy.

    Last year I bought some new fittings which are no better.

    I just ordered a "locknlube" tip for grease gun. $29:eek:

    Money back if it doesn't work.

    I honestly don't see how a tip can do both.
    I'll find out next week.
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    Jan 18, 2008
    Anyone who says metric is standardized hasn't dealt with Komatsu, Kubota, British brands, and German brands. I needed a zerk for my Komatsu machine. The only place that had something with threads that fit was Komatsu. I even tried the automotive places. French-owned New Holland brand is often, but not always, SAE. [/rant off]

    I have found that the cheap grease gun tips at my local Case/NH implement dealer fit the zerks on Komatsu, Case, Deere, and NH (construction) implements I have. It may actually be branded CNH, but I am not sure. I use a rigid, rather than flexible coupling, as sometimes a little more pressure is required to get a good seal, and I don't have 3 hands. The tips also don't last forever.

    If your LocknLube doesn't work, let me know.


    EDIT: I had to go into town for a burrito and stopped at the dealer. The tip is CNH-branded, part# MC5412 @ $3.43.
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