Grabbing Serial data from DSP/MCU in car stereo - is it possible?

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I'm working on a little project an would appreciate any insight from the forums. My goal is tocreate an spdif output from the digital signal.

I've taken apart the audio section on an Alpine ilx-207 head unit. The manufacturer has used a NXPSAF775 radio tuner/DSP all in one chip (awaiting datasheet for this one) right beside an AKM ak7738vq multi DSP chip - datasheet here -

There is a SN74AHCU04Q hex inverter between the two connected to their serial data lines. I'm not sure what's going on here as the NXP chip is outputting analog audio to the preamp outputs via it's own integrated dac.

The question is - could one grab the serial data from the serial io's on these chips to create a spdif signal. There's multiple serial data inputs and multiple serial data outputs. I'm not sure how to go about this.