Good DIN rail terminal block to mount large 10W power resistor?


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You can get higher amperage DIN style terminals, you could try ebay, some that would supply them are Weidmuller, Pheonix Contact, Cooper-Bussman, I am not sure what Digikey carry in the way of Hi amp style.


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"Electronics" and "power" have been almost separate industries since about the end of WW2, and the instrumentation and communication and power tech's have kept on their own separate turf for so long here in the USA. I'm a power & instrumentation guy. You need a DIN terminal for that? Don't go to the people that are constantly beating their brains out for smaller stuff!

SquareD or Allen Bradley, or Bussmann, or maybe CutlerHammer or even ABB has that stuff, you can go the nearest electrical supply house in the USA, and have your pick of what's on the shelf.

It's so easy to go into the online material requisition mode for electronics guys, because Allied is gone, and most of the locals too. Think Grainger not Newark.

I probably have some in my garage, but I'm Seattle. ;-)

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We had a Phoenix rep come out and they didn't have much of anything purpose built. GIven the particular application, I do not want a breaker or fuse, which it seems are plentiful in this market space. I want the fastest possible current protection, which IMO has been limiting it from the start. It still provides my devices with enough current, does not generate the massive heat (in its nominal working state) and is safer. Unless you touch it during a short. :)

Could you refer me to anything in an online catalog tranzz4md? In the meantime, I will check SquareD, Bussman and AB to start and update with what I find.


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Struck out with Schneider, it seems. They could only recommend class 9080 Square D power distribution terminal blocks, which since they are just non-isolated conductors presumably implies these resistors spanning 2 rails, which will not fly.

I literally need a fuse block, minus the fuse, add resistor.