Golf Cart Soild State Controller


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Popping TO-220 and TO-247 case switching devices is pretty easy but so far I have yet to ever hear of anyone blowing the guts out of one of these because they hooked something up wrong and caused a dead short. :p
They are known to go frequently in Mitsubishi 3ph spindle drives.;)


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capacitor bank the size of a suitcase attached
Yep I had some of them too I charged one up just playing around with just 12 volts I'm sure it would start a car easy the buss in it was 1/2 by 1/2 copper the drive I got it out of was rated 1000 Amps the caps bolted to the copper with bolts 1/4 inch. It was fun to play with.
I had some smaller drives that used spades to hook up that bridge could start a big motor that ran at 60 amps I'm sure it dumped maybe 200 to 250 amps to start. But at full speed it ran around 60 amps.
I tired to msg you to see if this offer was still good. Can't seem to, Maybe it's due to the account i'm logged in as?
That is if you have any laying around still?