Glue Solderless Breadboard

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Adam Monarch

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I want to use some glue to secure this circuit. Is there any types of glue that I can use to secure this circuit without pluging up the holes on this solderless breadboard rendering the nodes disfunctional?



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Why do you want to glue it? Breadboards are intended for temporary wiring; putting glue on it could ruin it.

You have so few components, why not just solder them together? You don't even need to use a board.

Audioguru again

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You, do not want to make an audio amplifier circuit on a solderless breadboard because the rows of contacts are intermittent and their capacitance between them and the long wires all over the place cause oscillation. The rows of contacts and long wires all over the place are antennas that pickup hum and all kinds of interference.

The cheap little speaker will sound harsh and tinny.

The cardboard enclosure is not solid enough and will vibrate with sounds from the speaker which will cancel some audio frequencies.

Audioguru again

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I have made thousands of audio, video, radio and digital circuits compactly soldered together on stripboard and they all had no interference and worked perfectly. The strips were planned to be short and were cut to length at a hole with a drill bit. Only one wire or pin for each hole on a copper strip.
Here is an example of a circuit made on stripboard: