Glue Solderless Breadboard Circuit

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Adam Monarch

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I was wondering if there was a technique and special glue
I can use to glue components on a solderless breadboard without
breaking/disconnecting the continuity of the components rendering the circuit
not functional. I have uses a hot glue gun and goop, however I was not very successful
with these methods..
I would like to use a glue-ing technique that will not result in disconnecting the continuity
on the solderless breadboard.



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A solderless breadboard makes poor electrical connections that are intermittent. It also has stray capacitance between the rows of contacts and the long wires that are all over the place. The wires are antennas that pickup interference.

When I have only one or two circuits to make, I plan the layout then make the circuits soldered on stripboard. The strips are cut to length with a drill bit and form most of the wiring then a few short jumper wires make the remainder of the wiring. The board ends up being neat, tidy and small. Nothing is loose and intermittent. Most of my many prototypes were neat enough to be sold as the finished product.


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You can also get "solderable" breadboards that are layed out just like strip boards breadboards. Here's what the layout looks like:

And the top after soldering:

Edit: I meant typical breadboards, not strip boards. SparkFun is another source, and there are even more sources on eBay.
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