Giving 5 signal at once

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Hello I am making a counter as my project. The only thing i need is a physical tool that gives 5 signal at once. In order to count by 5 like 0 5 10 15 ... Here its proteus image:5  bit counter.JPG


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So you want a logic circuit that gives 5 pulses each time it receives an input (a button press)? Possible, but if your counter only counts in fives then the units will show 0 or 5 and nothing else.

So why not replace the units decade counter with a simple flip-flop and hard-wire the outputs so that 0 (clear) gives an output of 0 (0000) and 1 (set) gives 5 (0101).

Then you will not need the 5-pulse generator. A single clock pulse will increment your counter in steps of five.

Actually, your 74LS90 has, I think, two counters inside: divide by 2 and divide by 5. So you could just use the divide by 2 section.
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