Getting a dual supply for opamps from a single ended AC supply

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Hi guys.
I've experimenting with obtaining a dual + - 15V supply from a single 17V AC in by using 2 diodes as half wave recitifiers and then feeding their output into 78 and 79 regulators. It works but I'm thinking there must be a better more refined circuit that does the job. The resulting power supply is being used to power some high gain mic pre amps so I need a nice stable low noise output from it.

Any ideas ?


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For low current, two half wave rectifiers are fine.
I don't know what "more refined" would be.
Add some extra filtering at the rectifier and regulator outputs if power supply noise is a problem.
You can also add a small resistor in series with the power to the preamp power pins, with a capacitor to ground at that point to further suppress any supply noise. The resistor should be sized so as to drop no more than a fraction of a volt at the preamp operating current.


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78 and 79 regulators have relatively high analog noise on their outputs. Consider the LM317 and LM337 regulators as alternatives.



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The 2 rectifier method is the only cheap, reasonable way to do a low current dual supply off a single winding. The next step up would be a charge pump or an inverting switching supply. Way too much complication for a job that can be done with a couple of capacitors and a couple of regulator chips. You're barking at a non-problem. Yeah, it looks simple to the point of looking crude, but that's all you need for a mic pre-amp.