Gear Motor Windings

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I have a motor with 6 wires hanging out with the capacitor as shown. By meter I determined that it appears to be per the attached sketch. It is implied that you reverse directions by reversing the power to the 20 ohm (starting?) winding with the run windings connected as shown. Does this look right?



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It looks to be a dual voltage motor (Probably 110 /220 volts.) configured for the lower voltage. For one direction 6 & 1 connected together and 5 & 2 connected together. For the other direction 6 & 2 connected together and 5 & 1 connected together. For the higher voltage option the two 5ohm windings are connected in series But the auxiliary winding is only connected across one of the 5 ohm windings. (The two 5 ohm windings in series act as an auto transformer to supply 110 volts to the auxiliary winding.)