Full State Feedback Controller design for Quadcopter

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Hi, I am trying to model Quadcopter in LabVIEW. In LabVIEW there is an example "Quadcopter Dynamics" whose structure is in "Quadcopter Structure" file. Also I consulted Research paper "Quadcopter state-feedback model".

I want to replicate the example, so far what I have done is using the paper I tried to design controller (Following instructions from Norman S Nice "Control Systems" book, chap 12 (controller design part). "LabVIEW data updated" file has the Quadcopter dynamics and A,B matrices (That I designed following the research paper), the data is in MATLAB code form. Issue is that controller K parameters aren't even close to what is stated in example and neither the Quadcopter flies in simulation with my designed matrices and controller.

"LabVIEW Data" file is the original equation file that I converted to state space model (LabVIEW Data updated file is the one that I created). If I use "LabVIEW Data updated" file coding keeping everything same the (i.e. don't change predefined controller parameters) everything works fine but when I design my own controller, problem mentioned in 2nd paragraph occurs. Kindly tell me if my controller design method is correct or not (I think it is wrong but where am I making mistake?)