Fritzing- It's the new Initial Teaching Alphabet for Electronics

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I am starting to see more and more people posting these horrible looking diagrams made via Fritzing.

Seems like this concept promotes a very muddled understanding of electronics, it reminds me of
a failed educational idea from the 1960s that I was personally tortured with, back in primary school- ITA or "Initial Teaching Alphabet"

Sir James Pitman had this idea that English was too hard for kids to learn, so he made up this nonsense, dumbed-down substitute idea to get us sad little kids started.

I was absolutely horrified when it dawned on me that what they were teaching us was not really English.
I felt cheated, deceived.

fritz.png ita.png


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I couldn't agree more. Everything I've seen drawn using Fritzing has been absolutely horrible. My breadboards never look like the Fritzing cartoons. I'm more interested in functionality than neatness.


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I tried Fritzing several years ago. At that time, there was no schematic capture. I did not like it. Don't know if that has changed.

When I am laying out a prototype/strip board, I just use Eagle and a very rough "symbol" of the solderless or solderable board as a template. That gives me schematic capture.


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The shown alphabet looks like a phonetic alphabet for a speech synthesizer.
Is there a speech synthesizer program for arduino?