Frequency to voltage conversion

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Hi all,

I am working on a project where I am driving LEDs based on the RPM of an engine.

It isn't the typical method where you just listen to the ignition events of a coil, rather, it is coming from a standalone ECU that outputs 0-12V square wave (frequency depends on RPM).

I know I can use the LM2917 to do this conversion, however, I am not able to simulate it in Multisim. I tried looking up the circuit diagram for that chip, but I don't know how I would immitate a "charge pump".

In any case, I hope someone has some insight into my options or has a solution.



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You can breadboard the LM2917 circuit per the app. notes without simulating it...
I am not sure what you mean. But if you are saying that I should test it on the board without simulating it in the program first, then I don't really like that option because I want to be able to show this design on paper.


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If you would rather not use the LM2917, you can get the same functionality, though with lower linearity by merely triggering a monostable multivibrator with the signal from the ignition coil, then low-pass the output of the monostable.

To obtain good linearity, pulses out of the monostable should be a couple tens of percent of the shortest period (at the highest RPM) that the circuit would encounter.


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I built one of those, a 555 frequency to voltage meter. It was in the Forrest Mims booklet on the 555. It worked quite well. I fed it tones from my guitar tuner and the output voltage was quite linear in that range.


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The LM331 can be fun as a frequency to voltage converter and only requires a few capacitors and resistors to function.