FPGA engineer vs hardware engineer which is good career?

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Hello everyone,
I am looking for an industry experts opinion.
About me: I did my bachelors in electronics and communication engineering, master's in computer engineering(learned about FPGA, verilog through courses during masters). I couldnt get job in FPGA domain initially so pursued in the embedded industry. my career path is embedded systems engineer- 2years, hardware engineer- 2years, currently senior hardware engineer. if I stayed in the current career path it would be advanced hardware engineer, project lead, etc etc. My confusion is whether to stay in the embedded field and pursue the former path mentioned or to pursue FPGA at this phase of career? My ultimate goal is life is to be a people leader. I want to lead as many as I can and continue to grow my leadership skills.

because of my master's degree courses, I always had an affinity towards fpga. My doubt is how will my career in FPGA be if I transition from embedded hardware engineer into FPGA. will the industry consider my 6-year experience as a hardware engineer?