Forum [sometimes] automatically generates a link to Digi-Key?

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I'm been wondering why this occurs... is this a bug or a "feature"? I've seen this on multiple occasions, anyone else?

For example, I recently replied to a thread where the OP wanted to convert analog video to a data stream using Ethernet (thread link below).

If you view the post without logging in, the model number of the video encoder I mentioned shows as a link to a Digi-Key serach page. I can guarantee that I didn't place any links in that post and as it turns out, Digi-Key isn't even a distributor of that manufacturer's products.

Interestingly, when the post is viewed after logging in, the model number does not show as a link.


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That is a “feature”. AAC is a commercial enterprise that benefits financially from advertisements. When you log in the adverts no longer appear while viewing forums.