Analog CCTV signal to digital

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Is it possible to convert an analog video signal, from a CCTV system to a digital signal via ethernet cable.
The camera does not have any IP adress.


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The question you should be asking is “would it be reasonable” instead of “would it be possible”.

You are mixing several different technologies here. Ethernet, analog video (of unknown standard), digital video (of unknown standard, CAT6 (maybe),...

Who knows what errors and noise will be introduced at each interface.

A better question would be to state your problem and limitations. Such as “how do I hook up an analog CCTV (using PAL, NTSC, or whatever) to a digital interface (HDMI or whatever)?” And then provide physical details, such as distances, power supplies available, etc...

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It is very possible to do that.
An easy way is to use an Axis model M7011 video encoder. Converts analog video to H.264 transmitted via ethernet.