First Custom Built PCB

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I hopefully have made a small custom button shield for an arduino based device. I have used Kicad, and believe I have created a functional PCB, but I would like to make sure I am not missing any steps, havent made any blunders with the traces, and the gerber files are correct, as I am planning on ordering a fair amount of these, and want to make sure I am not making any obvious mistakes. I might add some more silkscreen text, but this should be complete, otherwise.

Attached is the project folder.

Thank you in advance for any advise, or information.


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Unless you have a device with a 5v supply output, you will need to declare the 5V and the GND with a power flag.
Don't forget to turn the copper pour(s) on before creating Gerbers.


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They call PCB layout "artwork" and I think it should be a piece of art.

Look at your traces.
Do they take the shortest path?
Are they nice and straight or with neat 45° bends?
Are they symmetrically spaced from everything that surrounds them?
Do they radiate from the center of pads?

After doing a good PCB layout you should be able to say, "I am so proud of this that I am happy to put my signature on this piece of artwork".