finding short on pcb

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I have been leaning a technique to find short circuits on pcb boards using a can that freezes components , and then by adding low power to the board the heat unfreezes the bad components much faster , now I am still new and leaning about electronics and I have just got hold of a used variable power supply and I would like some help in how I hook this up to add power to a motherboard , I was thinking do I just use the negative wire from the power supply to negative on the board and then add the positive wire from power supply to positive to the motherboard ?
I would also like some help in working out the current and voltage setting to use to power the boards ?


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Power should be whatever the motherboard requires; be sure to connect all required supplies to avoid causing more damage.

Components that heat up faster than others aren't necessarily "shorted".

Do you have schematics and component diagrams for the motherboard? If not, you're chances of success are greatly diminished.