Filling out G59 applications

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Mark Hibbert

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Some assistance please - background is I am an owner of a renewable energy designer & installer, responsible for design / technical matters. I use PVSol as a design tool for the projects and we have just picked up a project for up to 18kW solar array of which a %age of the produced energy will feed into a single phase supply as export to grid (we have verbal confirmation from the DNO that this possible). Given the above we need to complete a G59 application - I am not a grid engineer or electrical engineer so some of the questions asked are beyond my current capacities (this will change!). To give you a sense of what is asked for:
Max reactive power import (lagging)
Max reactive power export (leading)​
The above questions are for the 3 cases below:
Power station standby import requirements when not generating
Power station top up import requirements when generating but not enough to cater for all onsite demand
Power station when exporting active power​
The question is how are the above calculated, I have some idea of how to do this based on the examples on the website, but some idea of a way forward would be gratefully appreciated.

Mark Hibbert