Filling a gap on pcb trace. Watch repair

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Ok guys, I have an electronic watch with LCD display and mechanical face. The watch was dropped and there is a crack in the pcb. Looks like there was a weak point in the PCB from the odd cutout shape of the original design. Then, when dropped, a stresses section fell out of the board. The trace in that section needs to be bridged. I have limitations on PCB height (practically zero) and a 0.010" (10 mils) trace (possible less) and neighboring traces about 0.010" away. The gap is about 0.1". The traces appear to be tin or nickel (possibly silver?) plated (matte). The traces are conductive, there does not appear to be any polymer coating over the traces.

Now, I've tried bridgi the gap with a 42 gauge wire but I am having trouble positioning freehand AND trouble with oxide on the solder beading up (leads me to think a nickel electroplated finish).

Watch is a Tissot from about 1990.

Any suggestions on the best way to resolve the described issue?