FIFO does not connect to Microblaze

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I want to connect a FIFO in Native or AXI4_Stream interface to a Microblaze however the Microblaze works with the AXI4_Lite protocol, and I could not make a right connection between them.
Is there any way I can connect the FIFO to the Microblaze?


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I haven't any diffculty in adding (on "Block design") an AXI_Stream_FIFO to Microblaze (on FPGA with Spartan7 - Vivado2020.1). After adding IP to "block design" the "connection automation" function connect fifo to Microblaze instance by "AXI Interconnect". There are in Vivado few version of "AXI FIFO" IP Core (also "AXI Memory Mapped" versions of FIFO. Se attached screen shot from "Block Design" in Vivado 2020.1:

Could you also attache a screenshot from your "block design" in Vivado (or better a TCL script with your design in orrder to replicate this issue on different machine). You can also pack all project by zip app and attache to your post.

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