Fiber Optics

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Can anybody Tell Me how many Gbps Single Mode Fiber Optic Rate is?

And is this for Cable TV because it Says it has a High Bandwidth?

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where do you have the question from ?
Fibre data rate depends on many things,
the encoding of the light
the distance of fibre
the fibre loss
The type of driver / receiver
The number of frequencies that can be used in the fibre,

The fibre itself is only a part of the data rate question.

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I Think I Understnd now.

If a Fiber Optic Cable has 864 Fibers it can Transmit Data in 2. Ways.
Single Mode and Multi Mode.

Do I have this Right?


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Multimode and single mode fibers are different types of fibers. Multimode fiber has bigger inner diameter core and therefore the light beam has multiple reflection angles. By increasing fibre lenght this phenomena causes false signals in higher transmission speeds, so on bigger distance you have smaller bandwith. Single mode fibers have smaller inner core diameter, comparable to light wavelength and the light beam has single reflection angle. In longer distances has light fading more an issue then false reflections of light beam.