Ferrocerium (firestarter) rods as antenna cores?

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I am a real newbie (~1 year) to electronics and just have the basics, but having recently enjoyed building a few cheap Chinese radio kits and also enjoying survival/camping stuff, i also have several ferrocerium rods of various diameters and lengths. Then (uh-oh!) i started wondering if they would work..?? Anyone know, please? Just plain curiosity, but i am also looking at building my own breadboard radio based on the TA7642 chip. Thanks!


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Core antennas are very inefficient in operation, so I doubt that your FC rod would make it any worse. Why don't you give it a try and report your findings back to us?


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I don't believe I would use those rods around any current. But I am not an expert. But am leery.


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Here is some basic information about radio waves.

The wave is called an electromagnetic wave. That is because the wave has two components, an electrical wave and a magnetic wave.
There are two types of RF antennas in common usage, a long wire or loop antenna, and a ferrite rod antenna.

As you can guess, a long wire antenna receives the electrical wave.
A ferrite rod antenna receives the magnetic wave.

A ferrite rod antenna occupies less space in a pocket radio and is useful for low and medium radio frequencies and when the transmission station is powerful and/or nearby.

Long wire or loop antennas are more efficient and will work for low, medium and high frequencies.
In terms of camping/survival gear, a long wire antenna is preferred since it fits in a backpack easily and is easy to set up in the outdoors.