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    Nov 17, 2014

    In the DIGI book chapter 12 part 12.3.1 Parallel-in, serial-out devices it shows both the inner workings and ANSI symbol for an SN74ALS166.

    The ANSI symbol has an inverter in series with the CLR input, but it is not shown in the inner workings diagram.

    Also, it says that the triangle shown on the ANSI symbol clock input means that it is positive edge triggered, but with the clock signal being sent through the input of a NOR gate it's output to the D-latch input will be inverted. Even though the D-latch is positive edge triggered, a positive clock signal will pull the D-latch input low.

    Also there is one typo following the ANSI symbol where it is called '74ASL166 instead of '74 ALS166 and another typo in the second sentence of 12.3.1 "For complete device data sheets follow these the links.".