faulty 18 volt charger

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Hi Everyone
I have strippe dto bit for a while now faulty battery charger, i tested it to the best of my abiltites and cant seem to find whats wrong with it
So my question is : Is there a quick way to charge my 18volt DC batteries (without using my none working 18volt DC battery charger), as its completely dead now and need to continue using my drill, I have a whole bag full of chargers for all different devices ranging from 4v -20v and I just thought there must be a way of using one of them with some basic wire and soldering to rig up a make shift charger so I can get my drill back up without having to buy another charging Station: the Specs say its a MACAllister (1hr) charge time 230-240 50hz output 18VDC 2.2A (0-40' temp) model 2G18CH(2.0Ah Ni-Cd)

any suggestion this is much appreciated

thanks in advance