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I have 2 Fasco fans (50D501-80T 240V 0.38 Amp) these will be used in an incubator and I would like to control their speeds.I have read that some fan motors need specific controllers or they burn out quicker.What type of controller would you suggest ? Below are some links for the motor and also some speed controllers. Many thanks .......


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The links don't give enough info to indicate the motor type, but seem to show a single-phase induction motor . The suitability of the controller would depend on motor type.


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The pictures show an AC induction motor.
One of the controllers in the OP links shows a DC motor controller, the other appears to be for a dedicated motor of some kind that has 5 leads.
It is not completely clear in the motor pic's you show how the initial phase shift is done, in theses smaller motors it is usually by a shorted copper turn (shading coil).
I would try one of the Triac power tool controllers, they tend to work OK on shaded pole motors.

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I do have a couple of these I purchaced them to use in brooders they are supposed to be pulse proportional .Would they do the job ? ............. ........................................
10000W SCR Digital Voltage Regulator Speed Control Dimmer Thermostat AC 220V 80A The Thermostat use the new two-way high power thyristor, as the current can up to 80A, it can solve the problem of over-current electric wire in case of cooling is too small to cause the resistance; And also it can easily adjust the output voltage of electricity in between 0-100% (220 of 100 volt regulator, nonlinear)


  • Operating Voltage: AC 220V
  • Maximum Power: 10000W
  • Max Current: 80A

  • Electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron etc.
How to use:

  • Connect this device with lamp or home appliance or electric circuit, then rotate the knob for dimming, speed, voltage, temperature control.