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    Feb 25, 2008
    i ran into a issue with some ceiling fan controllers. 4 fans with a single Rf remote, needless to say its not digitally signaled in best of ways thus the fans can get out of sync. the current controller is from Minka Aire but the controls kinda crappy. the remote basically tells the canopy controller "do the opposite of what you are doing now", so for fan direction some fans go one way while the others another way.

    so this crowd of electronics guru's, anyone know of off-the-shelf quality fan canopy controllers that when i press FWD on remote the fan is set to fwd, or if i press lights to OFF they all get set to off, etc.

    i have no idea how these fans are built but if they were DC motors then PWM would be the way to go, but seeing if there is anything out there.