Fake security laser scanner

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You trying to build one of these?

On my list of things to try. It is a really tough project though
That thing is run by a galvanometer, and yes, it's a real hard thing to do. And no, my device will be monochromatic and the beam will be moved around slowly.


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I might buy one of these and open it, just to see what's inside and consider tweaking it to make it do what I want.

Thanks for posting!

Maybe start with one of those holiday laser displays? You can get them real cheap here. I have been thinking of buying one to see what makes them tick.


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How many of these devices are you planning on ?
Do you have the steppers ? I made a sketch using a 23BB-H051-23, 7.5 deg., 6 wire, 5V which rotates
a 10 mm mirror, 45 deg. from vertical inside of a 3/4 X 5/8 in. plastic tube which is the mounting for the laser module. Again my scanner is down.


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Another thought is if you have a trashed scanner. They have mirrors in them. I have two mirrored bars sitting on my work bench right now. If I can just figure out how to cut them without breaking them.