Failed IC - Any VLSI or IC Fab experts??

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I've been having some issues with 14013 Dual D-flipflop failing. Unfortunately this is work related so i cant give very many details.
The devices have been analyzed under a microscope. but the supplier is only saying arcing and overheating.

I took a VLSI class in college, but that was a very long time ago. Looks like it is a positive output transistor that failed?

Here's the datasheet:

Hoping someone with more insight into IC die failures can comment if theyve seen this before? and if it is an internal IC defect or something external caused it.


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That output pin drives the base of an NPN transistor through a 9k resistor.
It also goes to a test header used for during manufacturing test. The pin is right next to the -15V supply test pin. The IC runs on +15V and Gnd, would the same damage occur if the output pin was shorted to -15V supply?


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the bottom layer of the dyw acts like an insulator between the chip carrier and the dye., if reverse connected, it causes damage by conducting.


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I suggest you add a 20kΩ resistor, either to the 14013 output or the -15V test output to reduce the fault current to a safe level if the two pins are accidentally shorted together.


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... would the same damage occur if the output pin was shorted to -15V supply?
You tell me... What is the current if this happens? Does that current exceed the worst case maximum current of the device specification?

Hint - most ic output stages are protected in the following manner... either on purpose or parasitically (usually parasitically) - your device doesn't specify specifically, but if you have a few spares you can check for this sort of relationship with most quality DMMs.

The datasheet also says this: