Exceedingly Simple XOR Gate


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Your circuit looks good, and will work properly.

However one note about it, the strength of the output current is the direct result of the input current through the diode and PNP transistor.

This could cause eratic behavior, it is best to keep the outputs and inputs currents seperate from eachother.
So the output is consistent in current flow regardless how big or small the input signal strength is.

Here is one solution, to that kind of dilemna.
Better solutions would involve more components for even better stability.

In actuality the 2 inputs should have pull down resistors to ground as also.

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Yes diodes are used in digital circuitry as well as rectifiers in analog circuits.

Digital circuits they are refered as steering diodes.
Then you likely built it wrong.
Here's an LTspice simulation of the circuit, which clearly shows the XOR function (not OR).

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Thank you for the quick response, you are right, I had some wrong connections. Thanks again.