Ethernet IC (W5500) functional issues

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aakash dey

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I am using Ethernet module, W5500 in my circuit. The schematic is attached below:

I noticed that the Link LED stays static but whenever I restarts the AC supply switch sometimes the Link LED restarts. This is not frequent but unusual.

Our device runs on both AC and rechargeable battery power. Every-time when continuously I turn ON and OFF the AC power for 5-10 times it occurs(Link LED restarts) once. When it is on battery power it also happens.(May be the link is getting disconnected and restarting) I have also checked the supply which doesn’t fluctuate at that moment(3.28V).

I have done some experiment on this. Below are the observations of the experiment:

During the restart of the link led, the fraction of seconds for the which the LINK LED turns OFF, the voltage level of the LINK LED pin of the Ethernet ic changes from 100 mv to 3.3V. After that, when it glows again it again come down to 100mv. In the whole process the, the voltage level at the reset pin of Ethernet ic is unchanged (2.8V).

So,What could be the possible reasons for this issue? kindly assist for technical help regarding this topic.Thanks.