ESP_WifiManager changing ESP32 wifi settings while program is running

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Hey. I need to be able to change/modify wifi settings while the device is running. I do not have a lot of knowledge in terms of networking. I have found this library and tried a few examples:

First of all. I cannot fully understand the differences between many example sketches provided?
I have tried to upload configOnStartup sketch and I have managed to connect to the ESP webserver( or access point) and change the wifi settings there. After saving, the device managed to connect to the wifi that I have provided details in the settings.

Now I am trying to get the ESP32_FSWebServer sketch to run.

It picked up my wifi settings and connected automatically to the wifi. I want to now connect to the device and modify the settings. How can I access the wifi settings from here?

The end goal of the project is to be able to control the wifi settings without changing the code. For example set the static IP for the device if required, change the wifi network and etc. When the device is connected to the chosen network the ESP32 will do various tasks, take sensor readings, send them over modbus TCP and etc....

I really appreciate if anyone have got experience with this library and could give me some tips