ESP32 Interfacing with TDC1000-C2000EVM

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I have a question related to interfacing of ESP32 with TDC1000.

I had a custom PCB board designed based off the TDC100-C200 EVM. The firmware code for the Texas Instruments software on the C2000 microcontroller was very difficult to evaluate and edit properly to extract the TOF value out and read it in a serial monitor.
The esp32 will act as the C2000 microcontroller and use SPI to communicate with the tdc1000. The TOF will be calculated in the esp32 and displayed in the serial monitor for continuous monitor and reading


is that the correct method of connections? or i need some hardware connectivity because my code is not working so i thought it might be possible i have made the wrong connections.

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So your custom board replaces the bit of the EVM shown in the schematic below? How do you generate the approx 5v for Vdd from the 3.3v Vcc rail, or are you running the whole chip at 3.3v? (Vio must be <= Vdd).

Your choice of SPI pins seems odd, and you seem to have CSB missing. The preferred pins are:
and I generally use the HSPI option, so I'd use the following set up:

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <SPI.h>

#define HSPI_MISO 12 //connect to TDC1000 MISO pin 21
#define HSPI_MOSI 13 //connect to TDC1000 MOSI pin 20
#define HSPI_SCLK 14 //connect to TDC1000 SCLK pin 18
#define HSPI_SS 15 //connect to TDC1000 CSB pin 19

Otherwise all seems reasonable.