Erbauer cordless battery connections

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I have two questions: 1) I want to connect, via a Buck converter, to 24V batteries on a boat. I can deal with that, if I knew what the drill to battery connections were. 2) Adapt/bodge a slightly older Erbaure battery pack to a newer, brushless drill. I have several slightly older batteries but the drill was stolen. New (brushless) drill takes a different battery, Grrrr. Old and new drills both have 3 connections to the battery. Positive and negative are relatively easy and marked on the batteries, but I would like to find out what the function of the BS and T (as marked on the battery) do. Terminals on the new drill are unmarked, so if anyone could tell me which is what, I would be very grateful. New one has 3 equally spaced blades, older has intermediate blade offset to connect to the "T" slot of the battery.