EPS GENERA 161 welding machine no output voltage, no 24 V reading on the relay's

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On the AC rectifier card of the EPS GENERA 161 small welding machine, the tank capacitors on the AC rectifier unit are filled to the required value, but the outputs of the welding machine are 0 Volt, 24 V does not fall on the relay, that is, on the coil legs of the relay has voltage of 24 V, and the fan of the machine does not work; The potentiometer indicator is off, the green and yellow lights are also off, the output of the machine is 0 Volt.

I guessed that there might be a problem with the voltage regulator that feeds the relay and fan of the machine with 24V, but I measured its legs while the machine was on, but there was no voltage on the legs of that regulator, 24 volts, no 0 volt.

What could be the problem? What parts or parts would you recommend that I should look at on the machine card?
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