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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a simulation model in PSCAD to perform a switching transient analysis. I need help in how to model the cable and transformer to study switching transients on transformer. THe following if the transformer information available from data sheet.
1500kVA ; 12470kV-480Y/208V; Delta-Wye; 60Hz; %Z-6.17%
HV to LV & GND - 1570pF
HV to GND - 220pF
HV to LV - 1350pF
LV to HV & GND - 3760pF
LV to GND - 2400pF
LV to HV - 1360pF

Xm (ohms/phase) - 36841 (magnetising)
Rc(ohms/phase)-136484 (magnetising core)
Xp (henries/phase)-0.021 (primary)
No load losses - 3418 Watts
I excitation - 0.875% Amps
Load Loss-13330 Watts

I have a cable after the breaker for which I am entering information available from data sheet in for of RLC circuit. But not sure if I am modeling the transformer correctly.

I was wondering if anyone can share more examples on similar source, breaker, cable and transformer. PSCAD preferred.