ATP EMTP interface with MATLAB - How to perform multiple simulations and acquire its results

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen from ALLABOUTCIRCUITS! I'm having some issues with ATP EMTP interface with MATLAB. I'm making a short essay that consists in compare short-circuits simulations results between ATP EMTP and OPENDSS. My goal is to simulate single-phase to ground and three-phase faults with 6 different fault impedances in a 134-Bus network in both softwares and calculate the difference. It's impossible run over 1600 simulations one at a time and acquire the data (from ATP EMTP, once that with OPENDSS is pretty easy to interact with MATLAB).

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I can recommend you to read the research on this topic on Researchgate. There is a concrete example of modeling the load on the network and a general comparison of the functional of these two environments. I think that such matlab assignment can be performed with the help of specialists in this field, as well as on the basis of the article I mentioned above, since it highlights this problem quite widely.