EMI Filter Design

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Hello Everyone,
We are designing a PLC for an industrial automation application.
The PLC takes in input from a general purpose industrial 24VDC Power Supply (which is not in scope of our supply ).
The Power Supply could be industrial grade or not, could be EMI/EMC Compliant or not and the output of the Power Supply could be filtered, regulated, absorb surge or not. In such a condition, what sort of protection should we provide at the input side of our circuit. The input then drives a DC-DC converted which is designed as per TI schematic reference. However, the 24VDC input would also be used for driving IOs of the power supply with the help of a ADR74413r.
Can someone please recommend an input side circuit, which shall convert unfiltered 24VDC to filtered 24VDC supply, including something for ESD, EFT & transient surge protection (including those in typical industrial environment ).


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Some PLCs will accept whatever power source is used, if the voltage is correct. Others will not.
As for powering the I/O, what is that device, the ADR74413r?? I am not going to research it at all, the TS can explain what it is intended to do. Most industrial PLC I/O that is intended for 24 volt DC operation will perform very well with a DC supply that is fairly stable and adequately rated for the intended loads.
So the answers depend on which brand of PLC is involved.