Embedded Systems + Machine learning

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I'm doing a project to detect (classify) human activities using a ARM cortex-m0 microcontroller (Freedom - KL25Z) with an accelerometer. I intend to predict the activity of the user using machine learning.

The problem is, the cortex-m0 is not capable of processing training or predicting algorithms, so I would probably have to collect the data, train it in my computer and then embed it somehow, which I don't really know how to do it.

I saw some post in the internet saying that you can generate a matrix of weights and embed it in a microcontroller, so it would be a straightforward function to predict something ,based on the data you providing for this function. Is there any way of doing it?

In resume my question is, how could I embedded a classification algorithm in a microcontroller?

I hope you guys can help me and give some guidance, I'm kind of lost here.

Thank you in advance.