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Joined Apr 17, 2019
Anyone else stopped receiving email notification? (When there's a new post in a watched thread)

Also, common guys!! Went to play store to check for AAC app..Foolish me!!


Joined Apr 11, 2010
I don’t use email notifications. But several alerts for watched threads don’t happen. It seems as if more than a day goes without activity in a watched thread, I stop getting alerts.


Joined Mar 31, 2012
I've had e-mail notifications turned off for some time, so I don't know about that. But the Alerts functionality seems to be working just fine (for me), including getting alerts for new posts to long dormant threads.


Joined Jun 4, 2014
I have two email addresses. One is as provided by my ISP and the other is one I bought which simply redirects email to the ISP address. The one AAC had was the ISP address. I changed it to the redirected one and immediately I started to get notifications. This doesn't make sense to me as the emails still go to the ISP address as before but now they arrive.

However, for the moment at least, my notifications are back.


Joined Jul 29, 2018
Now that I understand, And I went back and looked I have three e-mail addresses. One for me personally (Gmail), my PS4 address (Gmail) and my ISP's that was assigned to me by them (AT&T).