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Hi I'm looking to hire electronics engineer for a big project, if you are interested in box me (only serious people not curious people please)

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lots of mechanics in that
do yo have the expertise on board ?

Electronics is relatively off the shelf,

Pharma has lots of regulations ,
big legal bills if you get it wrong,

whats your level of cover ?
I m a pharmacist and is legal to make like this in my country


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I m a pharmacist and is legal to make like this in my country
Thats great news,
once you have sorted the mechanic, the forums should be able to help you,

I'm assuming
You need to scan the bits bar code / QR code in , and assign a shelf
then when you want the item dispensed the shelf is highlighted, and you scan the bits out,

then you have stock control and trackability ,

A sit does not have to pass any regulatory requirements
"simple" arduino or Pi job.


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Where I used to work, we built something very similar to this for the military. As you've been told on another forum, there is *no way* you can build this for less than it would cost to buy it from the company in the video.

The electronics are relatively simple in concept, but expensive to assemble and install.

The software will be huge; a full-featured app like the one in the video, with integrated barcode scanning and both user and inventory tracking, will take a year to write and debug.

The sheet metal to form the cabinets will take months of 3-D CAD work to perfect.

What I suggest is that you do a patent search. It will inform you what is patented in the field. This again will inform you what you can do in a specific geological location without infringing a specific patent. It will also give you a lot of technical information in the field. It will also give you an idea of who the big players in the field are. Where are you located? Regards, Deon.


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I would advise you to not undertake this project if your reasoning is to "get it cheaper".

Any engineer that has the skills to do this will charge a lot of money, I would say $100,000.00 is a minimum starting point.
If they say they can do it for less, beware.