Electronics equivalents to the board stretcher and id-10-t forms

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I am a mechanic by trade working for a subcontractor for FedEx Ground. The other night one of the yard drivers came in asking if I could help him by looking up a logo for a Federal Express trailer he was supposed to find so he knew what to look for. I asked the guy if they sent him looking for an ID10T form also since the last time I knew Federal Express was shortened to FedEx and I am assuming they still have the name registered. I did a quick search online just in case somehow there is another company now using the name, but gave up after three pages and tried to tell the guy they were probably just messing with him, but I really didn't know for sure (I didn't want to totally ruin their game, but at the same time it was one of their better yard drivers).

I started to wonder if there was any such devices in the electronics world to send the new help looking around all day. I can see a lead stretcher causing a bit of a grin, but is there anything else anyone has ever heard or sent someone after?