Electrical Project LEVEL 3 HELP

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Sam Taylor

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Hi there, i am looking for help with my level 3 project, my idea was to make a sound intensity meter using 3 leds. for example 1 led is 45db the next one lights up at 65db and the next at 85db. does anyone know how i would go about this?


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does anyone know how i would go about this?
Since this is *your* project, you need to post your ideas and describe the difficulties you're encountering.

Since this is a school project, you need to do most of the work. Members are only allowed to try to guide you.

I don't know what Level 3 means, but this is a rather simple project. Been done many many times and chips are available to do it. The fact that you asked here before doing any research reflects poorly on you.


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Ask yourself one question; how do I convert air vibrations ( which is sound) into an electrical signal?
It's up to you to solve that.
Use your books and internet.